Wednesday, January 20, 2010

February 2010 (CNY Special)

22 Jan 2010 Monday by JY
06:15pm (Hatha 1)

24 Jan 2010 Wednesday by SK
06:15pm (Kickboxing Lite)

26 Jan 2010 Friday by SK
06:15pm (Kickboxing Lite)

28 Jan 2010 Sunday by SK
09:30am (Hatha 1+2)

Happy Chinese New Year!


January-February 2010 (Studio Closed)

Just Yoga will be closed on the following dates:

07-10 January 2010: Teachers On Leave

11-21,23,25,28 February 2010: Chinese New Year

Refer to "February 2010 (CNY special)" for special schedule.


January-February 2010

Monday by JY
06:15pm (Hatha 1)

Tuesday by Tane
08:00am (Hatha 1) 06:15pm (Hatha 3) 07:30pm (Hatha 1)

Wednesday by SK
06:15pm (Kickboxing Lite) 07:30pm (Kickboxing)

Thursday by Tane
08:00am (Hatha 1) 09:15am (Hatha 2) 06:15pm (Hatha 3)

07:30pm (Hatha 1)

Friday by Jeff
06:15pm (Hatha 2) 08:00pm (Aikido)

Saturday by Tane
09:00am (Hatha 1+2) 10:30am (Pre-Natal)

Sunday by Jeff
09:00am (Hatha 2) 10:30am (Hatha 1)

* all classes is 1 hour

Just Yoga

Just Yoga located in the heart of the city, Taman Pelangi JB.

At Just Yoga we take pride in the fact that we remain true to the classical tradition of Yoga. We specialize mainly in Hatha Yoga or the classical Yoga form that is the basis or foundation of all other types of Yoga. We teach Yoga not just as a physical excercise form but as a way of life!

Do come in and try a Yoga session with us.

We offer nearly 20 classes per week which include:

• Hatha Yoga (Level 1,2,3)
• Pre-Natal Yoga
• Kickboxing
• Aikido
• Private session upon request*

Please refer to Class Schedule for latest update.